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The First Jewel: GURU-TATTVA

The First Jewel: GURU-TATTVA

The Guru Principle

One must accept a genuine guru in the proper disciplic line: 1.1 - 12
A qualified guru and disciple are hard to find: 1.13
A genuine guru knows krsna-tattva, the truth about Krsna.
A genuine guru is surrendered to Krsna, and is well-versed in all the Vedic literatures: 1.14
A guru is a goswami, master of the senses: 1. 16
A pure devotee is the guru of all the varnas and asramas: 1.17 - 20
A real guru is an acarya of sambandha-jnana: 1. 21
Who is an acarya?:1.22 - 27
The "Inconceivable Oneness and Difference" of guru, Vaisnava, and Krsna: 1.28 - 31
The two kinds of instructing gurus: caitya guru and mahanta guru: 1.32.
By the mercy of Krsna, one obtains the mercy of guru: 1.36
Guru is nondifferent from Rupa Goswami: 1.37 - 39
Guru is krsna-sakti, and is known as mukunda-prestha: 1.40
Gurudeva is gaura-sakti, and gaura-priyattama, the dearmost of Sri Gauranga: 1.41 - 42
One who becomes a guru in name only commits a great offense: 1.43, 44
Mundane scholarship alone is no qualification for becoming a guru: 1.45
A nondevotee cannot be a guru: 1.46
Bogus gurus: 1.47,48
The injunction to abandon a bogus guru: 1.49 - 51
One should abandon a guru who is envious of Vaisnavas: 1.52
A materialistic, professional, family guru must be given up: 1.53
One who rejects a false guru must accept a real guru: 1.54
Why become a disciple?: 1.55
One who thinks that the guru is an ordinary man goes to hell: 1.56
He finds his attempts at spiritual progress useless: 1.57
One must approach a guru for transcendental knowledge: 1.58
Gurudeva takes one beyond knowledge to jnana-sunya-bhakti: 1.59
Sri Gurudeva is nondifferent from Nityananda: 1.60 - 61
What is the authorized sacred tradition?: 1.62
Lord Brahma: the original teacher: 1.63
Sriman Madhvacarya - the sampradaya acarya: 1.64
The Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya disciplic succession (guru-parampara : 1.65

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